Poems worth waiting for

By James J. Metcalfe


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I am not related to James J. Metcalfe, but one of many who love his work
and want to share with others who feel the same.
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Good Morning,God

Good morning, God, and thank You for
... The glory of the sun...And
thank You for the health I have... To
get my duty done... I shall devote the
Hours of... This golden day to You...
By honoring Your holy name... In
everything I do... I shall pursue my daily
art... Without complaint or fear...
And spend my every effort to... Be
friendly and sincere... I know there have
been many days... That I have whiled
away... But this is one that I will try
... To make Your special day... And
so once more, good morning, God...
And please depend on me... Because I
want to honor You...For all eternity.

James J. Metcalfe

Soldier's Prayer

Dear God, I need Your Help to do... My duty in this war
... To win the kind of peace that will... Endure for ever-
more... Give me the strength to use my gun... With steady
aim and true... And guide me in all other things... A soldier
has to do... Let not my eyes grow weary now... Let not my
stomach ache... And if the going gets too tough... Let not
my spirit break... Watch over all my loved ones, God... While
I am over here... See that they never are in want... Or have a
single fear...And when the air is still once more... And we no
longer roam... I pray that I may be among... The soldiers
going home.

James J. Metcalfe

This poem by James J. Metcalfe was written in the 1940's but is true today as well as then.
God Bless Our Soldiers

Why I Write

If there is one who reads my lines... And one whose heart will
say... That my mundane philosophy... Has helped him on
his way... If there is anyone whose sky... Is brighter than be-
fore... And who by virtue of my words... May make a higher
score... Then I shall know my life is not... Entirely in
vain... Because I have contributed... Some comfort in the
rain... And that is all I ever ask... That I may do my bit...
To help the world consider life... And make the best of it...
I only want to share my thoughts... With everyone on earth
... In soft and simple phrases for... Whatever they are worth.

James J. Metcalfe

This poem Why I Write is on page 45 on his book, More Poem Portraits

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